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About the national knights of Columbus organization

 The Knights of Columbus is the worlds largest charitable organization for catholic men.  It was first formed in 1882 by Father Michael J McGivney originally as a fraternal benefit society to help the struggling low-income immigrant  Catholics of the time, but has transformed into  a service organization dedicated to charitable works, promoting Catholic education, and defending Catholicism world wide. However it has stayed true to its origin and its members have access to  the highest rated life insurance company in North America, "Knights Of Columbus Insurance".

The Knights of Columbus now have 1.8 million members in  over 14,000 councils in 14 countries. Annually the Knights donate over 150 million dollars and millions of volunteer hours to it's charities and works 

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About us the Knights Of Columbus council 3760 / John J Dillon KC Culb

The Mexico Knights of Columbus council was first formed in 1906  as council 1060. However council 1060 disbanded around 1930 due to the great depression. almost 25 years later in 1954 our current council 3760 was formed.  3760 quickly became a booming organization holding chicken barbeques, fish frys, and various other activities to raise money for local charity. By the end of the 50's the knights had formed a committee with the intent of building a hall to have a place to hold meetings and a new way to raise money.  In the end they were down to 3 possible sites, a old lounge in Mexico that needed remodeling, a donated piece of ground on the east side of town that came with a stipulation that the knights had to build a bowling alley, or 15 acre piece of ground north of town that would also be donated.  in 1960 they finally decide to go with the ground north of town and started making plans for a building which would be finished 6 years later in 1966. The hall has gone through many additions and renovations over the years but is still the same one we use today.
During the early 80's with soring interest rates many people as well as our church were having trouble paying their bills, so the Knights decided to try something new and started a bingo game. Bingo quickly became a big hit and  there were many years where we profited over $100,000 which allowed us to start a scholarship fund and donate to many deserving charities and community projects. However over the years bingo lost its popularity to riverboat casinos and other things and we shutdown our game in 2011. We have slowly been picking up new fund raisers to replace bingo with. Our main find raiser is now a monthly fish fry that is open to the public. This goes along with the traditional fund raisers we sponsor including;  hall rentals, dinners, breakfasts, and the Tootsie Roll Drive

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Missouri Knights of Columbus 

our charitable work (where our money and time goes)

  • Mexico KC scholarship Fund
  • Religious Information Bureau
  • Cardinal Glennon Hospital
  • Agape House
  • St. Brendan's Church and School
  • Project Graduation
  • Relay For Life
  • USO
  • ST. Jude's
  • Angel Wings
  • Special Olympics
  • Vitae Foundation
  • Pro Life
  • Columbia charities
  • Audrain County Children's Therapy and Early Education School 
  • Room at the Inn
  • The Food Pantry
  • and countless other small charities